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Like many people Krista was born with intense wanderlust and a desire to explore the world. Also like many people, Krista didn’t know where to start to make her dream a reality. Choosing a career in TEFL is a great way to see the world in an authentic manner by actually living in a country and getting a feel for it’s reality rather than hopping from tourist sight to tourist sight. Once Krista took the first step towards living her dream life, the rest became easy. She loved myTEFL’s friendly user interface and the fact that she could complete the course on her smartphone. She was also very impressed with the helpfulness of the staff and how quickly and professionally they responded to her, making her feel like she was never studying alone. Have fun scratching that itch Krista!

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Our 120 Hour Online TEFL takes you places. Accredited, convenient, internationally recognized, tutor supported, and with free Job Placement assistance. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Come see why more teachers are choosing our online TEFL.

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