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Maya loves her home in the rugged Appalachian mountains of the US but she was born with itchy feet and a desire to explore the world. Maya chose to complete her last semester of university abroad in Botswana to help sate her incredible wanderlust. It was there that she met her other half and the two of them decided that they wanted to travel the world together. The process and various steps can be daunting so after a ton of research, Maya and her boyfriend decided to go with myTEFL and they have no regrets! Maya’s favourite things about myTEFL are the affordable cost and the extensive job placement support that would allow her and her boyfriend to be placed together. They completed the course within about 2 months and are now looking at the various placement options myTEFL has to offer. Hmm, decisions decisions!

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Our 120 Hour Online TEFL takes you places. Accredited, convenient, internationally recognized, tutor supported, and with free Job Placement assistance. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Come see why more teachers are choosing our online TEFL.

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