This Course Was a Blessing

Deborah found myTEFL’s 140 hour course to be practical, well organized and up to date.

The 140 hour Master course is a new offering from myTEFL. It combines our flagship 120 hour professional course with modules on teaching remotely online. This makes it the perfect course for those looking to teach EFL both online and in the physical classroom.

MyTEFL was offering great deals on the 140 hour course at the time that Deborah signed up which is why she opted for the 140 hour course over the standard 120. Deborah was very happy that she did this.

Deborah was also very pleased with her personal tutor who was always quick to reply to all of her questions, comments and observations. This is very important as anyone who has taken an online course knows. There’s nothing that will interfere with your learning more than a tutor who takes days to respond!

Thanks for the great review Deborah!

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